Sunshine Coast CNC Profile Cutting is your local go-to sheet metal fabrication Sunshine Coast expert. We design and manufacture customised metal privacy screens, gates, and fences.

Part of being able to enjoy your outdoor space, whether residential, commercial, or other, means knowing that your neighbours can’t see in! It may also mean blocking unappealing views from your own vantage point.

There is no better way to achieve this and create an attractive sight barrier between you and others than by installing a beautiful, customised metal privacy screen.

Metal screens can also be used to:

  • provide privacy for your patio or your BBQ
  • shield your pool area
  • block others’ views through your open windows
  • shield your clothesline or entrance from prying eyes
  • hide your unsightly bins, hot water system, water and gas meters, or air conditioning unit from view for a more attractive yard!

Sunshine Coast CNC Profile Cutting has the perfect way to provide total privacy in the most visually appealing way with our customised metal privacy screens and gates. From simple, classic slat designs to decorative motifs to suit your branding or your unique sense of style and décor, we can do it all.

Choose us for our reliability, integrity, transparency, and our outstanding products and service. Browse our gallery now for some design inspiration or give us a call to discuss how we can help with your metal privacy screens and gates in the Sunshine Coast area.