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As a top metal fabrication and CNC cutting company, Sunshine Coast CNC Profile Cutting is your one-stop shop for custom metal fire pits.

Metal fire pits deliver warmth and a cosy aesthetic to your outdoor living area. Metal fire pits are elegant, stylish, and durable and available in a range of price points. In particular, stainless steel fire pits are durable, stain-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and have a high melting point, so they can withstand plenty of use and last a long time. Steel is also lighter and more easily portable than some other types of metal, including cast iron.

Why opt for personalised metal fire pits? Custom fire pits are a fantastic way to enhance your branding in a public setting or to express your individual sense of style and taste at home. Visit our gallery to see some examples of our work, including some of our great customised fire pits.

And if you’re looking for “metal fire pits near me” on the Sunshine Coast, order yours below – and let us work with you on your vision and exceed your expectations!

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