Base Plates are structural steel sheet plates, strips or corner plates embedded into or bolted onto concrete. They are usually used to evenly distribute column load over large areas to comply with the strength bearing capacity of construction concrete. Base plates are usually bolted onto foundation bolts within the footings of the foundation.

They are used not only for building construction but also for a variety of other applications, including fencing and gateposts.

Cleats are strips of structural steel that are used to bolt beams or other items together. They maximise strength and support.

We have the tools and techniques to manufacture superior quality base plates, footings, and cleats for a wide array of industries and clients. We can cut steel of thicknesses up to 25mm and no job size is too big or too small.

Contact Sunshine Coast CNC Profile Cutting now to discuss your requirements for structural steel on the Sunshine Coast – base plates, footings, and cleats. We can fill orders of any number with a quick turnaround and we offer exceptional customer service.